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13 days to go: Little Greenway Challenge

Posted by @northendgrnway on July 18, 2012

This July the owners of the Little Grill Collective have turned their gaze from the stove to the outdoors, as they invite the community to grow a greenway with them. Little Grill has offered up $2,500 and challenges its customers to match their pledge to raise a total of $5,000 for the Northend Greenway. Annie Cantrell of the Grill explains why they support this cause:

Little Grill Collective has been a central part of the northend neighborhood for decades. Our Community Place grew out of the Grill, which has in turn created a positive wave throughout the neighborhood. We, collective owners, are excited to be a part of the next wave of growth that will soon be winding its way through the northend. Little Grill is committed to supporting our community, in both the northend and the greater Harrisonburg area. We’re ready to see a sustainable walking, running and bicycling path to connect us to our neighbors. And we’re taking this commitment to the next level by pledging $2,500 to the project. Even more than pledging to the path, we’re also encouraging our restaurant community to match our donation. We hope that by the end of July, our customers will match our pledge and raise $2,500 and get the Greenway $5,000 closer to its goal!

More than half-way there! Local artist Jill McMullan brings the greenway to life with this 3D “thermometer” path. (Photo from July 1.)

As of July 18, customers have raised $400. Now’s the time to step up and make sure we don’t lose the Grill’s pledge! Fill out a donation card, add your name to the “Builders Wall” and watch the path grow by giving big or small. Hurry, the Challenge ends July 31!

Want to contribute to the Challenge from the comfort of your home or office? Give online. Be sure to designate your donation for the “Greenway Challenge.”

An initiative of New Community Project, Northend Greenway seeks to build the Friendly City’s premier walking and bicycling pathway connecting neighborhoods, schools and businesses with the downtown district. Using public green space, the 8-10 feet wide, handicap accessible path will fill the combined needs of commuting, recreation and natural curiosity; encouraging safe, sustainable and healthy transportation.

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