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Take Action Now for a County-wide Bike Plan

Posted by @northendgrnway on February 1, 2013
Shenadoah Valley Bicycle Coalition Public Comment Guide: 

The Harrisonburg Rockingham County Metropolitan Planning Organization (HRMPO) has currently funded the development of a bicycle and pedestrian plan for the area of the HRMPO. This includes the entire City of Harrisonburg [but only] a corridor of Rockingham County from the city limits south to Bridgewater. Currently the remainder of Rockingham County is not included in this plan. The Rockingham Board of Supervisors will soon be voting on the funding to include the entire county in the plan. It is vital to include the entire county in the development for this master bicycle and pedestrian plan.  We ask SVBC members and all concerned citizens to write the Board of Supervisors to ask for their approval of funding the entire county in the bicycle and pedestrian plan

Email the County Board of Supervisors to show your support

The “Ask”
For Rockingham County Board of Supervisors to approve the funding for the portion of the Rockingham County not currently included in the Harrisonburg Rockingham County Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.

Why it  is important to improve the funding for all of Rocinhham County to be included in the plan

  • The plan will document a comprehensive vision and provide working guidance for the implementation of bicycle and pedestrian facilities throughout the county.
  • A master plan enables access to funding sources, streamlined decision making, and clarity of vision for a fully integrated transportation network.
  • Coordinating with the Harrisonburg Rockingham County Metropolitan Planning Organization Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan will greatly reduce the cost of a plan for the entire county and will produce a coordinated plan linking the county and city. The benefits of using the same planning consultants in a combined planning process will inevitably lead to a better alignment across the county.
  • The plan and planning process will provide the opportunity for public input into best practices for bicycle planning and development for the region.
  • The plan will increase public safety for both non-motorized and motorized travel in the county.
  • The plan will make the county eligible for future public and private funds for bicycle and pedestrian development.
  • The plan will increase tourism and economic development by enhancing the region as a bicycle destination.

How to make your public comment via email:

  1. Address your comments to:  Fred Eberly, Chair, Rockingham Board of Supervisors.
  2. Include your address and a short personal story about how you use bicycling in the county and why this is important to you.
  3. Make the ask to approve funding for the plan followed by why you think this is important.  (See above)
  4. E-mail your letter to Chairman Eberly and copy the following other supervisors and staff :
District 2, Frederick Eberly, Chair:
District 1, Pablo Cuevas, Vice Chair:
District 3, Dee Floyd:
District 4, William Kyger:
District 5, Michael Breeden:
Joseph S. Paxton, County Administrator:
Development of a county-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan will further the Northend Greenway’s mission to connect neighborhoods, schools and businesses through sustainable, safe and beautiful transportation and recreational opportunities for all. This alert was authored by Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition President Kyle Lawrence and is cross-posted from its advocacy blog.
[Featured photo compliments of Virginia Bicycling Adventures]

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