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“Let’s Think Big and Extend Greenway”

Posted by @northendgrnway on April 9, 2013

Looks like everyone’s catching the greenway fever lately. Longtime local and JMU Professor Emeritus Bob Bersson makes a big call to action to support more pathways in last Friday’s DN-R. And we didn’t even put him up to it!

Check out his greenway-happy letter to the editor (below). Right on, Bob.

Want to see greenways all the way to Cooks Creek and beyond? Let us know what you want in the comments below.

Greenway CleanupLet’s Think Big And Extend Greenway

After more than two decades of hard work on Blacks Run Greenway in Harrisonburg and the recent sizable achievements of the Northend Greenway project, it is time to think big.

A greenway with an accompanying path for walking, running, and biking, might be extended southward into Rockingham County for the full length of Blacks Run. Imagine following the stream from Park View in Harrisonburg’s north end all the way to its confluence with Cooks Creek at Monger Park in the Mount Crawford area. Park View, downtown Harrisonburg, Purcell Park, Pleasant Valley, the industrial park, and Mount Crawford would be linked. Then add a future Cooks Creek Greenway to bring the Dayton and Bridgewater into the network.

There are only pluses here for the environmental health of our streams, our human health and recreational enjoyment. It’s time to do it!

Bob Bersson, Bridgewater

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