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Guest Post: What’s a Greenway Worth to Me?

Posted by @northendgrnway on June 14, 2013

We’ve wrapped up our big May fundraising drive, and are absolutely amazed by the generosity of our many supporters! We cannot possibly express our gratitude to you all. While May fundraising was a big success, the work never stops! During the drive many people expressed their interest in giving a large gift to the Greenway, but felt they were unable to financially. Erin Bishop– a long time supporter of NeG– believes giving a monthly donation is the simple and easy solution to supporting the Greenway. Read her thoughts below.

What’s a Greenway Worth to Me?

Bishop and her son enjoy a leisurely afternoon ride. Photo courtesy of the Shenandoah Valley Partnership.

Bishop and her son enjoy a leisurely afternoon ride. Photo courtesy of the Shenandoah Valley Partnership.

When I read that the Northend Greenway aimed to raise $35,000 during the month of May (also Bike Month!) through a campaign called “Give to Grow the Greenway,” I was instantly enthused – I wanted to sit down right then and there and write a check; a BIG check! I wanted to write the kind of check that would instantly bump that paint-as-you-go fundraising thermometer up a notch; a check that would let Suzi Carter breath a big sigh of relief and write a press release that would encourage others to generously hand over similarly-substantial sums of money: and the Greenway would grow!

But I didn’t write a big fat check.

I thought of retirement savings and college savings. I thought of the things I’ve been saving a little extra for, like another bathroom renovation, a privacy fence and a swing set for our son.

Then I turned to a little stack of envelopes on the corner of

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my desk: the bills. Bills for things like electricity, water, telephone, Internet, a gym membership, car insurance, life insurance, health insurance and, yes, even Netflix. I almost forgot – the mortgage!

I looked at those bills and knew in my heart I would rather give to the Northend Greenway. So I wondered, why not pay for the Greenway like it was a bill? If my contribution toward growing the greenway were divided up into 12 monthly payments, it would turn my thermometer-raising amount into a more manageable monthly payment

With monthly contributions, instead of dreaming about how I would like to make a difference, I would start toward that goal. It wouldn’t be one big fat check (that would never get written), but actual monthly contributions. And they will add up in the end.

What’s a manageable amount that you can “spend” each month toward a having a future in Harrisonburg with the Northend Greenway? How much would you “pay” to enjoy the benefits and quality of life the Greenway will provide? Could you contribute the same amount to the Northend Greenway as you spend on Netflix? The gym? A cell phone?

Figure out a monthly “payment” that’s right for you, times it by twelve, and you might be surprised at the sum!

Each month, if we each give what we can, the Greenway will grow.

I look forward to walking downtown with friends, biking to the Farmer’s Market with my family and being better – and more safely – connected to our community. Each of us can enjoy this future together!

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Northend Greenway.

– Erin Bishop

If you want to make monthly contributions toward the future of the Northened Greenway, you can set up an automatic plan here.

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