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City Council Update – Moving Ahead with the Greenway

Posted by @northendgrnway on June 26, 2013

Drew Williams of Harrisonburg Public Works delivers an update about the Northend Greenway to City Council.

City Council met on Tuesday June 25 to cover a variety of transportation agenda items and updates, including the Northend Greenway. Assistant Director of Harrisonburg Public Works, Drew Williams, presented a progress report and projection for the trail’s alignment and budget. If you were unable to make it to the meeting, here’s what you missed:

  • The Northend Greenway path is formally a project of the City of Harrisonburg, and has received funding from the Virginia Department of Transportation and City. However, this does not exclude the Northend Greenway Organization from any involvement in the process.
    • As a project of the City, the Greenway will go through a process of public hearings and comment.
  • The first and foremost goal of the City and Northend Greenway is to get the path on the ground, and examine any potential amenities (pocket parks, enhanced bridges, etc.) in the future.
    • The City’s budget for the path covers path construction and basic required amenities such as signage. Northend Greenway will have to fund any additional amenities independently.
  • Discussion of the Northend Greenway’s recommended “Design Principles.”
  • One or two landowners have yet to sign a letter of intent, but otherwise there is overwhelming support from landowners along the proposed route.
  • Initial breakdown of the expected budget:
    • Preliminary Planning (completed) – $50,000
    • Engineering costs (for entire trail, phases I & II)- $ 335,000
    • Right of Way (cost of surveying, utility relocation, etc. for entire trail, phases I & II) – $140,000
    • Construction (for phase I only) – $675,000
    • TOTAL – $1,200,000
    • Total cost of Phase I & II – $2,425,000
  • Expected schedule for the Northend Greenway phase I:
    • Engineering – Summer & Fall 2013
    • Right of Way – Spring & Summer 2014
    • Construction from North Main street to Liberty street (phase I)- Fall & Winter 2014
    • Completion of phase I- Spring 2015

You can watch the City Council meeting in its entirety here. The Northend Greenway is agenda item number 12.

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