Northend Greenway

Good for you, Good for the 'Burg!

Posted by Deb Fitzgerald on May 1, 2015

Step by step the Northend Greenway is becoming reality! After reaffirming long-envisioned route for the Northend Greenway and the $1.2 million in Virginia Department of Transportation and matching city funds for that path, the city appropriated another $854,000 for the project from last year’s budget surplus. This provides enough funding to complete the stretch of path from the intersection of Mt. Clinton Pike and Virginia Avenue to the end of Suter Street near North Liberty Street, the heart of the total route envisioned. The funds also provide a start to funding for phase 2 of the project. The city also issued a request for proposals for a consulting engineering firm and chose Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.for the job. For more details on this and the cities timeline for completing phase 1 of the Northend Greenway, please see the city’s website.

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